May I Quote You, Mr. Chagall?

30 07 2014

I am not a fan of Marc Chagall’s paintings. I am, however, a fan of two quotes attributed to the man. The first is a beautiful comment on color, which appeals to my love of Nature, who can sing this tune to perfection:

All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.

Who would deny how well these analogous colors – pink, violet, and blue – get along in this geranium blossom?

7-30-14 geranium for blog

Friends . . .

And just look at this daylily ‘Woodside Romance.’  Its metallic blue anthers are bursting with golden-yellow pollen grains. All the way across the color wheel, these hues each make the other even more vibrant.

7-30-14 woodside romance for blog

and Lovers . . .

The second Chagall quote struck me very personally:

I was scared of growing up.

Me, too, Mr. Chagall.

I was so scared of growing up that I wondered whether I would ever do it.

I’ve been eligible to vote since 1972.

I became a mother in 1990.

I lost my only child in 2010.

I have been married for almost 30 years.

I am an adult; I am responsible and capable, but that does not mean I am grown up, at least according to my definition of grown-up:

Grown-ups do not eat raw cookie dough.

Grown-ups do not need their mommas

Grown-ups do not dissolve into tears when a pet dies.

Grown-ups do not want ice cream for dinner.

Grown-ups do not wear their good clothes to play in the yard.

Mr. Chagall, I have decided that I am not scared of growing up; I am just not going to do it.

Mom says I don’t have to, if I don’t want.



2 responses

31 07 2014

Loved your piece — but, unlike you, I also like Chagall’s art, not just his words!!!

31 07 2014

Teddi, it’s not that I dislike Chagall’s art; he’s just not one of my favorites. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. It means a lot to me.

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