Ain’t Baseball Great?!

29 03 2017

Washington, DC.

If you see or hear that phrase regarding anything that resembles news, it’s almost assuredly not good right now.  That’s about to change though, in just a few days.

 April 3rd is Opening Day at Nationals Park!

I love the Washington Nationals.

I used to be a Phillies fan, but the year they decided to let Jayson Werth go to pick up some pricy pitching, it just felt wrong – like they were trying to buy a pennant – so I did what anyone in my (bizarrely tuned sense of fair play) state of mind would do.  I began to follow the worst team in my television broadcast area – and the team that picked up Werth – the Nationals.

Fast forward a few seasons, and the Nats are no longer the worst; they are dizzyingly great.  I can’t wait for the first regular season game.  I know that many of you can’t imagine watching a baseball game, much less planning a lot of your summer around when the Nats are on TV, so let me explain:

Top Ten Reasons I Love the Washington Nationals

10. Jaw-dropping speed and power – that’s the obvious one.

9.   Tony Two-Bags (Anthony Rendon) smiles the whole time he is at bat.

8.   Jayson Werth – Big Hairy Man who’s 37 years old but seems not know that about himself.

7.  “There goes the no-hitter!”  FP and Carp in the MASN broadcast booth.

6.    Michael A. Tater (Taylor) who looks like he’s about eleven years old, but can hit the ball very far.

5.    That tornado-in-cleats swing of Bryce Harper.

4.   When Michael Morse, “The Beast” returns to Nationals Park to play against his former team, the home crowd still sings “Take on Me,” his walk-up song from when he wore a Curly W.  Classy crowd. 

3.   The Racing Presidents  Race – dumbest idea for mascots, ever – kind of grows on you after a few dozen times. (At least, when there’s cheating in these races, everyone knows it!)

2.   Mad Max, stalking the mound, when he’s got it going – and he usually has it going.

1.   Watching the Nationals, hoping to see spectacular plays, knowing they’re good enough to “win it all” is a hope-filled exercise.  Sure, they disappoint me on some days, but those other times are pretty great.  Give me the opportunity to cheer for excellence in a city that seems awash in mediocrity and meanness.

That’s why I love the Washington Nationals, so, even if Donny doesn’t want to –