A Not Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Wednesday

15 03 2017

I was determined to stay positive. I really was . . . and then, the cyberdog ate my homework.  Seriously.  A few hours ago, my main computer, where all my ideas live, was felled by the dreaded Windows Update, which, of course did NOT update.  It is currently mid-hissy-fit and refuses to let me restart, reset, or restore, so my almost-finished post for today is unreachable!  The true beauty of this situation is that it decided to update without asking me first AND it decided to do it during dinner, that time between “write the post” and “post the post.”

Given the dual frustration of winter’s last bitch-slap and computer gremlins, I can only say, “Well played, Phil, you reprehensible rodent.  You and your girlfriend Stella have made your point.”

See you next week – next season – spring!