7 02 2018

Well, I think the weather is evidence of the miraculous feat performed on Sunday by the Eagles of Philadelphia . . . Hell seems to be freezing over!

In this house, most of us are still basking in the warm glow of a long-awaited Super Bowl victory for “our team,” but Rebel and Star are not impressed. 


I must admit that I feel a lot like burrowing into some warm soft lair and sleeping until my beloved Daylight Saving Time returns, but I am also enjoying the afterglow of a fine football game where, as happens in all my favorite stories, the good guys win. I’ve even (sort of) convinced myself that the landscape is just celebrating by donning the Midnight Green and White.


Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Now, when do pitchers and catchers report?



Well, I Hope THEY’RE Happy!

24 05 2017

Those people who planted that zoysia grass . . . I hope they’re happy now . . . with their ten months of brown lawn . . . They are getting what they deserve.

I am a suburban landscape geek, so I research plants, their positives AND negatives, before I bring them into my yard.  I would never ever plant zoyzia grass here in Zone-something-less-than-9; that stuff is only good for warmer climates. Unfortunately, some of my neighbors are definitely not plant geeks and are apparently quite susceptible to late-night infomercials touting the “benefits” of this noxious invasive thug of a diva grass and they did plant it.

They are now in deep mourning over the money they wasted to plant a lawn that looks dead for all but five or six weeks a year, but this is not the time for schadenfreude. My neighbors are not the only ones who suffer.  Did I mention zoysia’s invasive?  The damn stuff is now moving into my stays-green unless snow-covered climate-appropriate grass and muscling it out.

Their error is costing me money.

In the last few weeks, I’ve come to see  that Trump’s like zoyzia grass . . . although someone else invited him, he’s still ruining my party.  The fact that his date looks miserable does not ameliorate my suffering one bit!

What to do?

I can’t remove my neighbor’s lawn, but I can vigilantly uproot the bits of ugliness that try to seep into mine.

I can plant more flowers to act as barriers to the bad stuff and increase the beauty of my yard.

This will help me and my neighbors who can also enjoy my lovely landscape – and I will get so much more out of sharing the good than if I just stood on my property line yelling obscenities at them for planting that damned zoysia grass.

As Candide said, “We must cultivate our garden.”

Here.  I grew these for us.

Thanks – Chapter Three (and my 300th Consecutive Wednesday Post!)

18 11 2015

So . . . how was your weekend?

Yeah, mine too.

It’s taken a little hard thinking to hit upon this week’s thanks-worthy item, but it came to me, just moments ago, as I glumly surveyed the gray skies and brown drooping foliage of my November landscape.


11-18-15 a

Adieu, acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium.’

Although I felt the dread of being out in the chill and drizzle, I did not feel cold.

Windows! I am thankful for windows!

Thanks to windows, I was able to stay warm and dry while I fumed about the unpleasant weather,

which allowed me to look out long enough to notice my neighbor’s back door,

Where I'm always welcome.

Where I’m always welcome.










which led me to consider how lucky I am to live near lovely, kind, generous people,

which made the weather pretty unimportant.

See what’s outside your window.  If you look long enough, you’ll see something that will make you feel better – even if it’s rain blowing sideways – you’re warm and dry on your side of the glass.


p.s.  I am glad I promised myself – and you – a November of thankful posts.  I surely needed the reminder this week. Peace and gratitude to my friends, family, and readers. Thank you all.