Hey, Superman!

2 08 2017

I recently read a Facebook post by Adam Joseph, ABC6 ActionNews, Philly, https://www.facebook.com/6abcAdamJoseph/ where, in talking about pushing himself too hard in a training run, he said, “This evening was a reminder that I am not Superman, and I’m human . . .” 

It made me think, which we all know creates some issues, but I do it anyway, sometimes. 

The trouble with the Superman moniker is that, to quote famous fencer Inigo Montoya,

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I am here to tell you that you, my masterpieces of humanity friends, ARE Superwoman/Superman/Superperson – it’s all the same wonderfulness to me.  

Here are my Top Ten Qualifications of Superperson

10.       You are aware of the beauty around you every day.

9.         You are brave, especially in defense of your friends and family and those who can’t defend themselves.

8.         You are attentive to your health, mental and physical.

7.         You are smart.

6.         You are kind. 

5.         You are optimistic, finding some goodness in even the toughest of situations.

4.         You are faithful to your core beliefs.

3.         You are relentless in your support of your friends.

2.         You are honest, even when the truth is hard.

1.         You never give up on the people who love you, even when we feel like giving up on ourselves.

Not one of these criteria is dependent on the size of your bank account,  the spotlessness (or not) of your house, how many wrinkles you have, who you married (or divorced), your weight, your Alma Mater, or a whole list of other nonsense metrics that we use to browbeat ourselves with. 

It’s simple. You are Super because you live a happy life and you let that joy spill out into the lives of those who know and love you. Your delight in your world is so big that you can’t help sharing it.

That, my dears, is Super.

SuperPeople Sample:
Niece Elizabeth, Husband Ken, Nephew Jake, the Amazing Mad Mildred Mom, Niece Katy, Brother-in-law Eric, Nephew Ben.





Well, That’s Not Good!

22 06 2016

Been hearing a lot about what’s good and what’s bad, these days, from folks who seem to feel that they are the arbiters of our society.  Well, far be it from me not to offer my opinion, so here are a few things I just don’t like and I can’t figure out why anyone else does:

  1. Horror movies – if I wanted to be scared s#!tless, I’d watch the news.
  2. Cilantro – soap in your salsa?
  3. The American League – pitchers who get paid gazillions of dollars should not have to play offense AND defense like everyone else?
  4. Chardonnay – makes me want to wash out my mouth with a bar of cilantro, um soap.
  5. Drake – seems like a nice fellow, but that’s not music to my ears.
  6. Reality TV – no Kardashian drama; give me well-written and well-acted television. (Sherlock, The Blacklist, Mr. Robot)
  7. Hyacinths – the fragrance of mean old ladies.
  8. Tuna – unless it’s from a can and mixed with mayo, onion, and celery, it’s a big blecchhh.
  9. Christmas – too much pressure, too many bad songs, and it’s cold outside!
  10. Yard Sales – just no.

Okay, how far did you get before you disagreed with my assessment of these few things? I’ll bet it didn’t take long. Notice that, although I heartily dislike the things on my list, and I cannot fathom why you might like them, you’re absolutely free to watch, buy, consume, or visit them. I can choose not to accompany you, but I won’t keep you from going there.

The fact that you like something that I don’t does not prevent me from enjoying what I do like, so let’s all just raise a glass of whatever we choose and toast:

To Peace!

To Love!


To Each Their* Own!

* Much as loathe using “their” as a singular pronoun, I understand that it’s the best we have in the English language, right now, to be inclusive. Something I am learning to dislike less. Walking the talk, here, or at least writing it.

P.S. In case I was too subtle with this post – I am (not) often accused of that –  it’s about accepting LGBTQ folks, folks of differing religions, immigrants, old, young, Pittsburgh sports team fans . . . Don’t just live and let live. Live happily and encourage others to do the same. Kindness is always the right choice. I like it!


Has the Jury Reached a Verdict?

18 02 2015

For my friends who participate in the work and full-contact sport of fine art and craft shows, this is the start of nail-biting and calendar-reconfiguring season: applications and acceptances for all the important 2015 shows are in play right now.

As hard as it is to make art, it is also hard work to get accepted to a show. The artist must complete forms, submit photos, pay application fees (most of which are non-refundable, without regard to whether or not they’re accepted into the show), and wait for the verdict, at the mercy of nameless and faceless show jurors, who may or may not have a particular bias for or against their medium or style.

The opportunity to sell work and earn income is, of course, a big part of needing to be accepted into these shows.  The need to be accepted is also tied – even though we know better – to our self-esteem. When our application is declined, our first thought is not the right one, which is, most often, that our work and the show are not a good match. We think nobody loves us. It’s a natural and irrepressible reaction to rejection. Some of us are better able to get our perspective back, but for others, especially newer artists, it can be crushing . . .

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post. This brilliant comment came from a Facebook art group participant in response to another member who was in the throes of “Why (not) me?” after receiving a rejection notice.

Just keep moving. Artistry is mastery of your medium; if they can’t handle that, then give them the best possible image of you walking away.

This advice is good for way more than craft show applications; I think it’s a pretty fine way to cope with pretty much everything.

You are the master of your life. Don’t explain yourself; just BE yourself. Folks who can’t appreciate you don’t deserve you. Really. Oh, and if you smile as you wave goodbye, it will make them crazy.


Cheshire cat grin, courtesy of my lovely niece Katy.

I certainly appreciate your acceptance of this post. Thank you.

How Do You Make You Feel?

13 11 2013

This is from a site called “AwesomeQuotes.”




What makes us special is not how we are treated by others. We are special because we are. Period.

Folks, it’s time to stop letting others tell us what we’re worth.  We can accept genuine and factual assessments of our skills, talents, and – yes – our behavior, but none of that – positive or negative – has any bearing on our value as people.  We can improve our skills, hone our talents, and become nicer; we can ignore our gifts and wallow in unhealthy habits; but, we can’t stop being people and that simple fact means we are all equally valuable.  The playing field is level. Don’t listen to anyone who would try to tell you anything to the contrary.

If you want to improve your golf score, learn to bake perfect French macarons, or call your old momma more often, do it.  It’s your choice and your ability to improve things about you; however, it will not, in the overall scheme of humanity, make you worth more than the dude who can’t balance his checkbook.  If you think it does, you are missing what it means to be human.  That we are all equally worthy of a place on this planet does not devalue any individual; it does not diminish any one of us; it is the familial tie that makes us, well, us.

Our value is not debatable; it exists because we do. Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of that certainty.  Even though they, by definition, are valuable as people, the opinions expressed by some misguided ones are not! That’s not just my opinion, either, that’s just a fact.

How’s that make you feel?  I feel good.