With a Grain of Salt (and a Cup of Butter)

6 09 2017

When the world seems especially out of control – like when the news is all about two major hurricanes, raging wildfires, and potential nuclear war – some folks drink, some folks pray, some folks cry:

I cook.


Whenever I feel helpless to make things better on a grand scale, I fall back to just making things . . . homey, comforting, fattening things.  That’s just what I did today. I fed my mother and my husband Sunday supper on a Wednesday evening. It did not move Hurricane Irma’s course, but it made us feel better for a while. 

I wish us all

The comfort of the aroma of simmering pot roast, 

The warmth of straight-from-the-stove mashed potatoes,

The tender sweetness of home-made pie,

And the most delicious gift of sharing it with people we love.



7 06 2017

Generally speaking, I am a love-the-status-quo kind of girl. I find myself in a lather over a simple half-hour change in a scheduled appointment. A computer update will send me either into a blind rage or the fetal position. You get the gist – I am not particularly adaptable. I don’t like change.

Having admitted that, I AM trying to, well, to adapt. I know that I can get better at coping with the little (and big) changes that happen in my life. It is not easy, but I know that everyone faces changes that they don’t (think they) want and when they do, most folks don’t turn into a hungry, sleepy two-year-old.

A long time ago, when he was about six, my brother responded to another kid’s jab at the “weird color” shirt John was wearing (it was burgundy – a very new color for boy’s clothes at that time) by saying, “You have to be different to be better.”

I think that I’ll try out substituting the word “improvement” for that dreaded c-word – change. Let’s face it, most of the changes we face are not catastrophic. There is always some uneasiness, of course, but there is always some opportunity for things to be “different, but better,” if we look for it.

If you need some evidence, I present this before and after:

“Big Hair, Shoulder Pads and Angst” Early 1980’s


“Wrinkles, Comfort, and Relaxation” Early 2010’s