No Obligation Intended

17 05 2017

This week, I have been involved in trying to extricate someone from some “unintended” contractual obligations – you know, that thing that happens when someone thinks “we don’t need to run this by a lawyer” and then, when it becomes obvious that they were WRONG, I am pestering my good-natured husband for free legal advice to help bail out a friend or organization dear to my heart .

Seems appropriate to more deeply consider contractual obligations – like self-imposed Wednesday blog posts – tonight.   After a fourteen-hour day of meetings and record-keeping as a volunteer board member of a non-profit, helping my computer-illiterate husband prepare photo exhibits for court,  and dealing with an eccentric and demanding diva guinea pig*, I am running on fumes.

But I am contractually obligated – to myself – to post a blog every Wednesday.

Husband reminded me, in the hopes of lightening my mood, of the dramatically awful works released by some pretty famous musicians, based upon their unhappiness with being contractually obligated to create another album by a certain due date (e.g. Prince, Neil Young, Van Morrison, etc.), so, with that fair warning, here I am.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just do it. Maybe if I close my eyes and just start to type, something will come.


Ok, that didn’t work, but it’s at least as good as Here Comes Dumb George.

Don’t feel obligated, but you’re invited back next Wednesday. I’ll be here.

* Eccentric and Demanding Diva Guinea Pig.