No Surprise!

28 06 2017

Our 32nd wedding anniversary was Monday.  My dear husband researched what is the traditional gift for the occasion, only to find that there isn’t one. What he did find was the admonition that anyone married thirty-two years should damn well know what to get their spouse!

Husband knows very well that I do not like surprises.  As a matter of fact, I have an extremely bad reaction to them – they piss me off.  Sorry, I know that’s inappropriate, but it’s the way I’m wired. That said, he couldn’t bring himself NOT to buy me something to mark the occasion  .  .  .   I gotta hand it to him, this time. He walked the perfect line between satisfying my need to not be rankled and his need to bring me a gift. 

Boli and Bubbly!

 The man really does know me very well.


Time Flies

5 10 2016

Have you been married for a L-O-N-G time? 

Do you ever wonder whether or not there is any capital-L Love still burning or whether it’s merely inertia that keeps the two of you together?

After years of youthful spats, mortgage, kids, in-laws, illnesses, and lawn mowers, it’s easy to believe that we’re just in the habit of being married.

Here’s something that proves just how wrong that idea can be:

On the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary, my brother-in-law shared a lovingly curated group of photographs with this message to my sister:

Beautiful Bride, Loving Wife, Mother of my Children, Trusted Partner, and Loyal Friend. These are the words I think of when I think of you. I have loved you for over 35 years and I look forward to another 35 years with you.

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This is pretty spectacular evidence that the middle chapter of a real-life love story is as wonderful as the opening paragraph.  Keep turning the pages; it just gets better and better.

Supreme Courtship

26 06 2013

Well, it’s happened . . . According to some talk radio folks and a few “news professionals,” anyway, the Supreme Court has handed down a ruling that threatens to destroy traditional marriages. Funny, it does not feel like a threat to mine.  Matter of fact, today – the day traditional marriage was supposedly dealt a potentially mortal blow – is my 28th wedding anniversary.

I am fortunate to have married someone whom I love and respect and who returns those feelings.  I hope other folks are as lucky as I am to find a life partner who makes them laugh, keeps them safe, and honors their soul.  That is the essence of it. Love wins this round.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Happy loving fulfilled life to everyone!

Twenty-five Years

23 06 2010

Twenty-five years ago – well in three more days anyway – on a fine Wednesday, Ken Lewis and I visited the District Justice in Steelton and got married.  Justice Semic donned his robes and presided reverently and respectfully over the brief ceremony in front of our Best Man Shawn, Man of Honor Harry, my parents, Ken’s parents, and a soon-to-be-ex-stepmom.         

It was a strange beginning  .  .  . 

Quarter of a century later, it is still strange, but it still IS.  We have so many more differences than similarities, a Venn diagram of our mutual interests could pass for a figure eight.   Many folks wonder (and some friends have flat-out asked) what we see in each other, so disparate are our tastes. 

Love is not blind, but it does have a wicked sense of humor, so here we are:

      a gourmet cook married to a fast food connoisseur

      a basketball player with a prisoner-of-gravity partner

      a rabid gardener with a Claritin-popping sneeze machine

      a nice Jewish boy with a shiksa – oy vey

We have precious little common ground, but we’ve tended it carefully for 25 years.  Aside from our shared love of scripted television drama, the Phillies, and our Jessica, the thing that keeps us together is simple, scary, maddening, and comforting.

We love each other.