Summer Daze

12 07 2017

Folks, I gotta admit it; I am running on fumes, this week.  Nothing in the tank.

With that full disclosure, being totally transparent, coming forward with the evidence (which you’d deduce for yourselves anyway), I offer you a little light mid-summer Top Ten List.

Top Ten Reasons I Respect Craft Show Exhibitors (and why I don’t do craft shows!)

10.  They accept the uncertainty of income stream that being self-employed embodies.

9.    They are dedicated to following their true nature; they were born to create beauty and they do what it takes to make it happen.

8.   They are eternally optimistic, never doubting that their hard work will pay dividends – and they are willing to do the hard work.

7.  They put their souls on display in fold-up store fronts that fit into the backs of Chrysler minivans.

Carol Heisler’s “Before” photo.

6.  They answer the same dumb questions from non-buying gawkers every day of every weekend of show season and never bite anyone.

5.  They can sleep on any horizontal-ish surface available to them when traveling for shows.

4.  They can go for two days, three hours, and forty-two minutes without a bathroom break, if a show’s good.

3.  They are the “postmen” of the art world, braving wind, rain, sweltering heat, toe-numbing cold, and managing to engage people about their craft.

2.  They produce some of the most magnificent works of fine art and fine craft anyone could imagine.

1.  They are some of my very best friends.

Tomorrow, I will visit a few of my fantastic friends who’ll fill the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts  and the People’s Choice Festival  and I am sure my soul will be as full as my wallet will be empty.  I give my arty friends all a Top Ten!


One more admission – I “borrowed” these photos from these wonderful women’s Facebook pages. Hoping that forgiveness will be granted, since I did not ask their permission.

Pam Cummings Pottery See her at Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. (Note the shopper wielding the umbrella.)

Carol Heisler’s “Not your grandmother’s” Quilts will be at Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. BTW, Carol’s managing all the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen shows this year. Check for them!

Kalpana Lehman’s Fine Soaps She’ll be at People’s Choice Festival.

Art by Clare Miller She’ll be at People’s Choice Festival.





3 responses

12 07 2017
Linda Surace

a wonderful post and I thank you. I was not invited back to State College and that hurt. had to laugh out loud at your comment,” They can go for two days, three hours, and forty-two minutes without a bathroom break, if a show’s good.” thank you for the understanding. CPFA is where I met you. Keep writing your blog . i love it. you make it all worthwhile-most of the time.

13 07 2017

Linda, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog. I remember when we first met – I still love the beautiful little rug I bought from you in State College. As you well know, craft show juries can be fickle – or are under orders to “rotate” artisans. I’ll miss seeing your lovely work this year at CPFA. If you are interested in doing another PA show, as the Vice President of Standards for the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, I can assure you that you’ll be accepted if you apply to our Fall Fine Craft Fair at Rittenhouse Square in Philly. We’re on ZAPP, so it’s easy to apply. I’d love to see you there!

14 07 2017

Another Marvelous blog and Great input on the “show world”!!! I did them long enough to identify with every statement. And like you, am SO glad I’m not doing them. But that experience does make me appreciate cheerful and friendly vendors. Going to shows is one of my Passions so I do admire and respect all of these show folks!!! Once agin Missy, you nailed it!😀

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