Testing, Testing

19 04 2017

This week, as part of my duties as vice president of standards for the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, I chaired a Master Artisan jury session – a formidable event for jurors and candidates alike. (For details on this, visit https://www.pacrafts.org/our-guild/master-status)  It brought back memories of my experience on the applicant side of the equation.

How long had it been since I looked at the work that earned me Master status? How would those pieces look to me now, after all those years? I’ll admit, I was a little more than nervous, but I hung the works together and stepped back.

Damn. While they are not representative of my current work, they are part of me. They still speak to that place I was when I created them.

I am humbled and honored to chair this year’s Master Artisan jury sessions.  Remembering what it feels like to take the test helps make better teachers. I will not forget.




4 responses

20 04 2017

LOVE your work now and then. I know this process so can truly appreciate your talent and vision – you Master Craftsman you! And the PGC is SO DAMN lucky to have you as VP of Standards! Big Whew. Plus all the other stuff you do 🙂
You are a huge part of our ship being righted. Thank-you Paula XO

20 04 2017

I hope you’re happy, Janice – you made me cry. Big Love!

20 04 2017
Linda Doucette

Thank you for sharing your master work! I enjoyed seeing what you did and hearing your story from the other side of the fence. It is always a very emotional day for the applicants. I agree with Janice, the PA Guild of Craftsmen is very fortunate to have you! Thank you for all the time and thought you give to us.

20 04 2017

Thank you, Linda. What a privilege it is to volunteer with you and Janice and the rest of our small, but crazy-dedicated team.

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