Four Score and Seven Years Ago

8 03 2017

In two days, my mother will celebrate her 87th birthday. 

We are the luckiest children on the planet. Mom’s smart and strong and healthy and happy.  We do not take this for granted. We are grateful.

Some (lots of) people who know how my sibs and I were raised would say that Mom spoiled us. Yes, she went to ridiculous lengths to make us happy. She was (and still is) tireless and dogged* in her efforts to make our lives as easy as hers had been difficult – and that is an understatement.

To honor Mom’s parenting philosophy this Wednesday before her birthday, here’s a loving daughter’s riff on a little news item:

Oh!  Mama-Care

Individual mandate – If you don’t like what I made for dinner, I’ll fix you a sandwich.

Subsidies for out-of-pocket expenses – If you are short of cash a few days before pay day, I’ll always have some spending money for you.

Premium subsidies – If you want to go back to school, you can come back and live with me, rent-free, as long as you want.

Medicaid expansion – I will always have band-aids for every “ouchie” you suffer.

Health savings account – I will take excellent care of myself so I can always take care of you.

Restrictions on charging more for older Americans – You’ll always be my baby.

Dependent coverage You can depend on me UNTIL WE ARE ALL DEAD, PERIOD.

Pre-existing conditions policy – I love you, without conditions, pre-existing or otherwise.

Essential health benefits – Your happiness is the only thing that’s essential to me.

Prohibitions on annual and lifetime limits – You are prohibited from ever doubting  that you will always be my child, no matter how many Annual Renewals we share.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


*Dogged pursuit takes on a whole new meaning. This is Flip – also know as DD (Damn Dog). For just a little over a year, he’s been the recipient of Mom’s affection, not to mention some fine table scraps.





6 responses

8 03 2017

As always, a brilliant commentary….and a wonderful tribute to your mom!!

8 03 2017

Thank you, Teddi.

8 03 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Millie!!! I hope you have a Gloriously Wonderful day!

8 03 2017

Thanks, Janice. I’ll pass this to Mad Mildred.

18 03 2017

I absolutely love this! You and Millie are a lucky pair of women.

18 03 2017

Thanks, Judy. We sure are lucky.

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