Hold the Adrenaline, Please

25 01 2017

I am not a thrill-seeker. I do not like surprises. I enjoy routine, predictable days. I guess that’s why I love and crave facts.

Facts are safe foundations to build on.

Facts do not bend to the whining or threats of opinion.

Facts are reliable.

For those of you who feel a similar affection for solid ground, you might want to make your own little list like this one I made.  It will come in handy when I need to feel the cool calm strength of personal bedrock.

Top Ten Paula Facts for January 2017

10.          I was born in January.

9.            I would like to eat ice cream every day.

8.            I love my mother.

7.            I over-tip.

6.            I own (at least) ten identical black turtlenecks.

5.            I have a drawer in the fridge just for treats for my three pet guinea pigs.


4.            I am saddened by news stories about people being unkind to each other.

3.            I am lifted by the goodness I see in my friends and family.

2.            I am challenged by my own fears and prejudices.

1.            I am grateful for the chance, every day, to do better.

And those are facts, just the facts, Ma’am.



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