Another Fine Mess

11 01 2017

Well, I’ve done it again. I have ignored my own boundaries and landed myself in the thick of something I promised myself I would stay out of.

After starting the New Year by promising myself I would “just help from the sidelines,” in less than two weeks, I find myself suited-up, helmet on, cleats laced, and adrenaline-pumped – right back in the midst of the game.  

Even after talking to myself (okay, yelling at myself) for months about steering clear of just such a scenario,  I could not say “no.” Why couldn’t I?

What’s in it for me?

I just agreed to do a hard job for no pay not just because I am a damn fine person (I am); there has to be more to it. Exactly what that “more” is matters only to me, but it matters.  It’s that little boost of energy that will keep me moving toward the goal.

When you are asked to do something for someone else that, on its face, looks like all work and no fun, look a little deeper and see if you can’t find some little something to answer What’s in it for me? If the answer to that question is “Nothing but headache/heartache/hardship,” then you really must decline; but if you can identify even a small personal benefit to doing that favor, making that sacrifice, you might find yourself doing more for others AND feeling happier, too.

That’s what I’m counting on, anyway – since I can’t keep from playing, I’m going for the WIN-WIN.




One response

12 01 2017
Martha Hess

Well said- no is a very difficult word for me to say!

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