Charitable Ciphering

4 01 2017

Most of us have limited resources.  After the bills are paid, there might not be a lot left to save, much less to share*. That’s okay.  If we find a little to donate, though, who should get it?

I’m not talking about researching the big well-known groups via sites like – although, if you’re considering giving money outside your community, you should. I am talking about the hard decision whether to give to the local soup kitchen, animal shelter, arts association, theater group, school marching band . . .

I trust you get my drift.  How, when faced with many worthy groups, do we deploy our largesse (or smallesse, if you’re like me)?

Who gets my twenty-seven cents? Medical Research? The Homeless? The Arts?  I don’t have enough to make a dent in any one thing. Surely, there is not enough to split amongst all the worthy organizations in my neighborhood. 

What to do? What to do? What to do?


How hard is that? Whatever charity (assuming it has passed the “we handle money well and do good works” test) gets our donations, it doesn’t just sit on it. The money that is donated to a given charity is spent on many things, including salaries of employees.   Guess what happens to some of that income – it gets donated by folks to other charities. It gets spread around. See how that works? 

It’s simple. Just give something to someone and the rest will take care of itself.

What matters most is not to whom we give; it matters that we give.

 * I have written about sharing before.  I invite you to take a trip down (my) Memory Lane to mid-2011:



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