Ho! Ho! Hope!!!

21 12 2016

This is a tough one, kids.  It’s the blog before Christmas and I am completely humbugged-out. 

These last few weeks have been filled with so much vitriol, so much depression, so much spitefulness, so much blaming . . .

So Wrong.

So let’s STOP IT!

I am not asking anyone to slam on their rose-colored denial glasses or to ignore the very real issues that face us; I am just asking us to look harder at all that is STILL GOOD in our lives. I am asking us to leverage that goodness – to grow it within our hearts and our families and our neighborhoods. I am a skeptic, but I absolutely believe in kindness and generosity and I believe there’s plenty to go around. If you feel like you’re running low on hope or joy, please call on one of the wonderful loving people you know and I’m sure they will share with you.  If you can’t reach them, I’m here every Wednesday, feeling the encouragement from you.  I’ll be happy to send some of that back out to you.

Happy Holidays!

Peace on Earth.

And from our three spoiled-rotten guinea pigs:

Merry Pigmas and Hoppy Hanukkah!


Pig Newton




Cedric Piggory


p.s. The Swear-ity Jar (12/14/16 post) has been working great, btw,  and some charities’ coffers are now a little more jingly. Ho! Ho! Donate!




4 responses

21 12 2016

Happy hols to you, Paula, and to the three little piglets, too! May 2017 be a better, less venom-laden year that we can celebrate with love and laughter, happiness and health, creativity and collegiality and, above all, peace. Many hugs to you!!!!

21 12 2016

Thank you, Teddi. We will make 2017 better. You’re one of the good ones!

22 12 2016

I love that you have posed holiday pix of your little piggies! Best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a Happy, Healthy, love and peace-filled New Year!

22 12 2016

Judy, I am glad you liked the pig-tures . . . the models were regular little divas! I’ll toast right back to you for that happy, healthy, love and peace-filled New Year!

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