Cussing for Charity

14 12 2016

Today’s post is inspired by this post from a friend on Facebook, in response to some fresh political horror story:

I am looking forward to the day when I can stop clicking imagea2.

It gave me an idea . . .

Anyone else ever work at a place with a Swear Jar?  You know, the thing you had to drop a quarter into every time you cussed so the office could use it to fund a Friday Pizza Lunch or the like?  It didn’t keep us from cussing, but, at least,  we did get something good from it on pizza day.

I think we should rejigger this concept to make better use of our political outrage. How about, each time we hear or read or see some political thing that makes us bang our heads on our desks, instead of just clicking the angry face emoticon, we drop some change into the Swear-ity Jar?

Just think of the good you’ll do when you release all that negative energy by firmly flinging a wad of money into the jar and then, when it gets full – and some days, this could take mere hours – you donate that cash to one of the causes that you know is going to be screwed – er less well-funded – by our new administration.

Dig deep in your soul  and your pockets.  Do something that will truly make a positive difference. It will make you feel loads better.  I swear it!





4 responses

15 12 2016

what a fabulous idea! will have to try it – when I’m feeling especially hungry, will just turn on news…

15 12 2016


19 12 2016
Laurel Lautsbaugh

It is a great idea! My Jar would be full every month!!

19 12 2016

It’s good to be generous, so I am watching extra news and filling that Swearity Jar up to the brim! Happy Holidays!

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