A Month of Thanks – Chapter Three

16 11 2016

Given the ongoing uneasiness in our country, this week . . .


 I give thanks for smart people.

Thanks for those folks who have powerful brains and who are not afraid (or too lazy) to use them. 

I am not talking about people whose intellects have been verified by institutions of higher learning, although a great formal education certainly does not disqualify one from being this kind of smart; I am talking about people who can and do think critically about the world around us.

I am thankful for you brilliant and bright folks who look for facts first, without regard to whether or not they support your hypothesis.  What wonderful people you are who welcome challenges to your assumptions, who will debate issues fairly and with dignity, who are only afraid of one thing: ignorance.

Thank you, my gifted and brave friends, who always look for solutions before blame, who strive to find mutually beneficial outcomes to problems, and who know (and call) bullshit when you smell it. There are times when I think that ignorance is truly bliss, but you come along and slap me out of my complacency (or from hiding under my pillow).

Life on this earth is scary. It is also beautiful. It’s less scary and more beautiful because of you.






4 responses

16 11 2016
Jackie Scully

Hello – I met you at the Artisan Fair last Saturday. We chatted about enameling and you admired my necklace that I made in a class given by “hurricane Jean”. I found your FB page and am now following your blog. I can especially relate to your conundrum of being a strong introvert and having to do all those “people-y” things at a show. I.too, am a strong introvert and am happiest all by myself in my studio making stuff. So, I am thankful that there are others like you who are doing shows even tho it is not in their nature to do so. I am Jackie Scully and I hope to see you at a show in the future.

16 11 2016

Jackie, I am delighted that you are reading my blog. Great to have met a fellow enamelist and friend of Hurricane Jean!

17 11 2016

Wow Paula, this is how I think of YOU!! So Thank-You! I’m very grateful for you telling me what’s what and how it is. This calms me down. I sometimes have to act after talking with you when I’d rather keep my head in the sand but I know it’s right and I’ll feel better afterwards. Glad you have these folks ,too.
I also like what Jackie had to say XO

17 11 2016

Big love, Miss Janice. Big love!

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