A Month of Thanks – Chapter Two

9 11 2016

Today, I – along with a little over half the voters in the USA – am feeling a little bit gobsmacked.   The fog in my brain when I woke up with this morning would have eaten me alive, had there not been a commitment on my calendar that demanded my attention, so today:

I am thankful to have been accepted as an exhibitor at this weekend’s Artisan Fair. http://artisanfair.org/index.html 

Let’s just get this right out in the open;  I do not enjoy doing art shows.

Packing the work,


Foam and tubs and fragile works.

 loading the van,


Walls and lights in; art goes in last.

setting up the booth,


Test layout (before every show) takes an afternoon in the garage.


Looking pretty good – now to label and map for actual showtime.

breaking down the booth  .  .  .  and all that people-y stuff in between.

I am truly an introvert in extravert’s clothes, so this endeavor requires a whole lot of energy – energy I would otherwise be channeling into worrying about stuff I can’t change.  What a waste of blood pressure points and stomach lining.

Thank you, Artisan Fair.  By your acceptance of my application all those months ago, I am now challenged to concentrate on showing my art. I am forced to look hard at what I’ve done;  I am reminded of how happy I was to create it; and I recognize that it is good work.

I am thankful for art – the art I make, the art my friends make, the art that is yet to be imagined by artists who don’t even know they are artists. 

Thanks-worthiness will be abundant at the Artisan Fair.


Through the Grapevine. About 6″ wide x 9″ high.








2 responses

9 11 2016
Janice Ritenuti

Enjoy ALL of your blogs but really connected w this one. Been there done that sort if thing. Your booth will look Fabulous!! Really digging the large work 😀. Hope you gave a Fandamntastic show & time!! XO

9 11 2016

Thank you, Miss Janice! Hope to see you sometime soon!

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