26 10 2016

We rescue guinea pigs . . . yes, there IS such a thing!  Right now, we have three, Pig Newton, Cedric Piggory, and Rebel, who all have very distinct personalities.  Knowing that I have a history of dressing them up for Halloween, Newt rallied new kids ‘Ric and Rebel to foil my plans.  After much discussion – and fierce wheeking – they convinced me that no costume could compare to SpiderPig (rest your little furry soul, Simon)

halloween spiderpig a

Miss this sweet piggy. This was from 2014.

so this year,  we agreed to more traditional autumn portraits. We took a page from the typical family shoot and did natural (late-afternoon) light and “studio lighting” (two flood lights clamped to a bar stool) shots. Here they are!


Yes, the whole costume thing would just be undignified, right, Newt?



Newt insists that he IS smiling.



Chrysanthemums for our homecoming queen.



The name’s Rebel, but the personality’s Bellatrix.



Cedric Piggory liked this one – said it shows off his luxurious hair.



“The Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch and fly through the air and bring carrots and parley to all the piggies of the world.” ‘Ric is a believer.

Rebel and Pig Newton and Cedric Piggory wish everyone a sweet and safe Halloween!




5 responses

26 10 2016
Allyson Schaeffer

It really matters not one whit of what you pen in
your weekly blog. It brings to me such a sense
of logic, whimsy, or, even new information, that usually is thought-provoking. I could never NOT
like or find camaraderie with one who dares to costume or dress-up guinea pigs! Please, please
continue to do what you do with pen and prose.
Everyone needs this little boost on a Wenesday.
Thank you for your thoughts and words. 😊

26 10 2016
Allyson Schaeffer

Ooops…correction on spelling of Wednesday!

26 10 2016

Allyson, your comment made my day. Thank you! The main reason I write on Wednesdays is to help me look on the bright side, which is why my rules for posting are: no whining; be funny or uplifting and keep it under 500 words. To hear that it brings you a little joy, too, is especially lovely.

26 10 2016

You gave me a giggle with this one, Paula! I so look forward to Wednesdays, just because I know I’ll get a wonderful blog read from you!

26 10 2016

Thank you, Teddi.

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