From Nomination to Netflix

12 10 2016

Try as I might, I can’t keep from falling into posting a little politics . . .

More than a few of the folks who’ve dominated the news this week will be in the job market by mid-November.  When one of them expressed that some of his more loathsome comments were meant “solely for entertainment value,”  it made me wonder what Hollywood might make of some of these unemployed bad actors:

Top Ten Political Movie Sequels

10.  Kellyanne Conway – Legally Blonde and Incredibly Dumb

9.    Joe Biden – The (I’m not) Running Man

8.   Ben Carson – Dude, Where’s My Luggage?

7.   Donna Brazile – Invasion of the Bernie Delegates Snatchers

6.   Gary Johnson – Lawrence of Aleppo

5.   Jill Stein – Dr. Knowlittle

4.   Bernie Sanders – The (Debt-free) Graduate

3.    Chris Christie – Bridge Closings of Madison County

2.    Donald Trump – Douchebag Unchained

and the Number One Political Movie of 2016

Hillary Clinton – You’ve got NO Mail











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