I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No

24 08 2016

Remember just a few short weeks ago, I was waxing (sort of) poetic about the virtues of NO?  Yeah, might not have been all that memorable, but I did it.

As with many things, upon further reflection, I’ve had a little change of heart – or at least change of perspective.

In the spirit of being more positive (who doesn’t think we could use a very big dose of that, right now?!), I’d like to amend my former exhortation:

Don’t “just say no” to things that don’t bring you joy;  be ready for the YES moments that will follow.

That “no” is simply a place-holder for the goodness to come: all those things, people, events, experiences that are truly meaningful to us.

Just this week, I got to say YES and spend an entire day with people who make me glad to be me, in all my imperfect warts-and-all glory, just because I have such dear and fine friends in my life. That’s a pretty darned big deal.  Because I hoped such an opportunity might arise, I made sure I had saved time (by saying “no” to some other stuff) to be able to say YES!

You don’t have to kiss every frog that puckers up, but don’t be so determined to say “no” that you miss the prince . . . or princess . . . or friend . . . or Pokemon . . . or whatever makes your heart sing. 

“No” to one thing just means YES to better things.

monarch on buddleia 8-11

For example, “no” to spraying to kill Japanese beetles yielded this lovely YES.

Thank you very much for saying YES to reading my weekly Wednesday wanderings.



2 responses

25 08 2016

Always a pleasure to read your ramblings. xx

25 08 2016

Thank you, Lin.

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