What Are You Waiting For?

10 08 2016

“Let’s wait until next week to have lunch.”

“Let’s wait until the kids are a little older to take them to Disney.”

“Let’s wait until we’re retired to try a new hobby.”

Well, aren’t WE just taking a lot for granted?

Yesterday marked the sixth August 9th we have been without our beautiful daughter. Thank goodness we did not wait – even though we were blissfully unaware that she’d leave us so soon – to do things that made us laugh, to make wonder-filled memories, and to love each other mightily.

Take my advice – stop putting off having fun.

Hold on, you say, we can’t just drop everything and do whatever we want whenever we want.

Well, of course not.  We have to earn enough money to pay the bills. We have to keep the house from falling down or getting so dirty it becomes a health hazard. We have to maintain our health. Those food/shelter/safety things must be attended to, but after the basics . . .

There are things on that “To Do List” that CAN wait:

The grass can be mowed tomorrow.

You can go to the beach before you lose that (same) ten pounds (you were going to lose last year).

Friends can enjoy your hospitality even if your house is a little messy.

Experience is a fine but tough teacher. I’m offering you my notes and the answers to a hard-learned life lesson with this post.

Don’t wait to love your family and friends.

Don’t wait to laugh until you cry.

Don’t wait for “someday.”

I’ve seen over 22,000 calendar days; never ever saw one called “Someday.”



4 responses

10 08 2016

Paula–should you reach just one person with thiis message, your time and effort has been well-spent..I applaud with my entire self.
Love from my heart. Maria xo xo xo xo

10 08 2016

Oh, my Dear Maria, thank you for your kindness and your ever-shining optimism and love. Love from my heart to you.

10 08 2016
elaine haag

Paula, I know I sometimes need to be reminded to just drop it and go. Family and friends should always come first because you never know when you won’t have that extra day with them. I am so glad I met you, my special friend and I always enjoy our talks & times together.

10 08 2016

Thank you, my friend.

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