Family is Not Part of the Feud

3 08 2016

Okay, folks, I am going to wade into the shallow but treacherous and (Jonathan) swift waters of our current American presidential politics to ask just one favor:

Please, dear news media and followers, let poor Melania Trump alone!

Seriously, with so many important issues to discuss and debate, so much to consider regarding the positions of the actual candidates, let’s not allow ourselves to be distracted by their beleaguered spouses. While it would be so much easier if we could reliably choose a great leader by the beauty or balls of their spouse, that’s not how this works.

Seems to me that those who run for office are making an affirmative decision to bare their souls – or, at least their horcruxes – but that decision should not be assumed for their families. This particular election has proven to be uglier than any I can recall and I’ve voted in eleven, so far. I hold no hope that the campaigns will soften their rhetoric or civilize their messages, but I surely wish for some sliver of that “kinder, gentler America.” Can’t we show a little sympathy to the folks who are being dragged along, half-drowning, in the wake of the willing combatants?

We, the People, should not devour the young (or the spouses) of our politicians.

I think it’s a Modest Proposal.




2 responses

3 08 2016

I absolutely agree with you. I’m sure Donald the “politician” is nothing like the man she married. Whatever she did in her modeling career should not be taken into consideration either, as we were all 20 at some point, and who among us was perfect during that time.

3 08 2016

Thanks, Judy.

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