Forecasting Foul

27 07 2016

It’s HOT!

frog 6-18 (3)


Well, of course it’s hot – it’s mid-summer!

It’s extra hot right now, though, because of a weather phenomenon known as a heat dome, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains like this:

“A heat dome occurs when high pressure in the upper atmosphere acts as a lid, preventing hot air from escaping. The air is forced to sink back to the surface, warming even further on the way.”

Okay, I am a big fan of science, but I think the good folks at NOAA and the National Weather Service have overlooked a critical piece of this phenomenon:

The Republican and the Democratic National Conventions.

Folks, if we want to combat climate change, we should simply look to our politicians . . . more to the point, we should permit them to speak only when they are telling the truth. By my most unscientific (totally made-up) calculations, the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions would amount to a lot more than just a Hill of beans. It would likely Trump even the limiting of Bern-ing fossil fuels . . .

And let’s not forget, it’d sure reduce the methane problem, too.





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