20 07 2016

Recently, I was making myself crazy – er broadening my perspective – by reading some posts and comments on my friend Facebook. There was a particularly “interesting” discussion being had by some under-30-year-olds about women’s roles and how they feel about who’s defining them.

One said something to the effect that “these feminists are just man-haters who don’t want men to buy us dinner or open doors or wash our cars or . . . they are just misogynists!”

I was moved to shout at my screen:

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

(Pretty good line, huh? I just thought of it all by myself)

Wait. While I am pretty sure (trust me, I read the rest of the diatribe) they did not know what the word misogynist means, they might have accidentally been right, at least a little bit.

Feminists = Misogynists???

Well, maybe . . .

If feminism means that a liberated woman MUST:

  1. Have a career.
  2. Keep her own name, should she decide to marry.
  3. Indignantly refuse any gesture of kindness or help offered by a man.

Well, then that might be misogynistic because it surely demeans a whole lot of women; however, that is not what feminism means. Feminism is about giving women choices.

Feminism’s meaning has not changed but it has been perverted by some who would use the movement as a cudgel to beat more women into roles that – while they should absolutely be able to choose – do not wish to choose.

That is wrong.

That is not feminism.

Feminism means that it’s up to you to decide whether to be a mogul or a stay-at-home mother; an artist or an accountant; a ballerina or a boxer. It does not mean that the “traditional” women’s roles are bad or wrong; it simply means that there are other choices and all are equally valid. It’s the fact the we HAVE choices , not the choices we make, that make us liberated.

It is up to us to choose wisely.

honey on echinacea 6-26 (2)

Work hard, but smell the flowers along the way!



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20 07 2016

5* again!

21 07 2016

Exactly! And very nicely put. xx

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