The Grace of “No”

6 07 2016

We all want to do the right thing. We all want to be good neighbors, good citizens, good people. We all want to serve. We must; however, be good to ourselves. We must recognize and appreciate and honor where we are in our own skins and – are you ready for this – respectfully decline some requests for assistance.

There’ve been times you’ve served others and there’ll be many future opportunities for you to express your kindness and generosity. It’s okay; it’s important; it’s good to (sometimes)

Say “No”

Will you help us? Do your part!

Causes worthwhile: Health, Earth, Art.

I’ve said “Yes!” for many years,

But now – surprise to many ears –

I say “No.”

There’s no anger In my tone.

I’ve simply learned I’m not alone.

Another’s turn to take the wheel –

I’ve chauffeured long enough, I feel.

I say “No.”

It does sound selfish, I’ll admit

I’ve run my race; I’m tired; I quit.

Selfish, more so, it would be

To hold the reins with apathy.

I say “No.”

When you’ve given all you can

And you’re asked to go again;

When your fire is burning low,

Let the others share their glow.

Just say “No.”




6 responses

6 07 2016

Beautifully put. xx

6 07 2016

Thank you, Lin.

6 07 2016
elaine haag

No matter how gracefully and politely I say that two letter word, I still feel guilty. I hope to overcome that feeling one day.

6 07 2016

Elaine, it’s something we just need to do, from time to time, whether or not it’s easy.

6 07 2016

Ah, thanks Paula, a much needed sentiment! If we don’t stop to fill our wells, there’ll be nothing worthwhile to pour into others. I’m learning to shabbat, slowly = )

7 07 2016

Isn’t it funny that we spend so much time trying to get our beloveds to put less pressure on themselves, yet we find it hard to take our own advice! Being grace-full to ourselves is just not natural – but it’s right.

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