Well, That’s Not Good!

22 06 2016

Been hearing a lot about what’s good and what’s bad, these days, from folks who seem to feel that they are the arbiters of our society.  Well, far be it from me not to offer my opinion, so here are a few things I just don’t like and I can’t figure out why anyone else does:

  1. Horror movies – if I wanted to be scared s#!tless, I’d watch the news.
  2. Cilantro – soap in your salsa?
  3. The American League – pitchers who get paid gazillions of dollars should not have to play offense AND defense like everyone else?
  4. Chardonnay – makes me want to wash out my mouth with a bar of cilantro, um soap.
  5. Drake – seems like a nice fellow, but that’s not music to my ears.
  6. Reality TV – no Kardashian drama; give me well-written and well-acted television. (Sherlock, The Blacklist, Mr. Robot)
  7. Hyacinths – the fragrance of mean old ladies.
  8. Tuna – unless it’s from a can and mixed with mayo, onion, and celery, it’s a big blecchhh.
  9. Christmas – too much pressure, too many bad songs, and it’s cold outside!
  10. Yard Sales – just no.

Okay, how far did you get before you disagreed with my assessment of these few things? I’ll bet it didn’t take long. Notice that, although I heartily dislike the things on my list, and I cannot fathom why you might like them, you’re absolutely free to watch, buy, consume, or visit them. I can choose not to accompany you, but I won’t keep you from going there.

The fact that you like something that I don’t does not prevent me from enjoying what I do like, so let’s all just raise a glass of whatever we choose and toast:

To Peace!

To Love!


To Each Their* Own!

* Much as loathe using “their” as a singular pronoun, I understand that it’s the best we have in the English language, right now, to be inclusive. Something I am learning to dislike less. Walking the talk, here, or at least writing it.

P.S. In case I was too subtle with this post – I am (not) often accused of that –  it’s about accepting LGBTQ folks, folks of differing religions, immigrants, old, young, Pittsburgh sports team fans . . . Don’t just live and let live. Live happily and encourage others to do the same. Kindness is always the right choice. I like it!





2 responses

27 06 2016

Paula, I agree with you most wholeheartedly with one exception, cilantro. It’s a genetic thing. And I love you even if you don’t like cilantro.

Your post script is the main point though. Kindness is in short supply these days, so we should do our best to increase this deficit.

27 06 2016

George, I love you, too! We listen to the same NPR stories about “super tasters” and we want the world to be a kinder place. Thanks for your comment.

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