Thoughts and Thanks, Fathers

15 06 2016

It’s been a rough few weeks for fathers, from  those suffering unthinkable tragic losses to those in total denial that they have raised monsters.

I am forever grateful that I know many truly good and fine fathers.  I hope you will think about the good ones in your life this Father’s Day and tell them thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you to all of you wonderful men who raise your children to be good, kind, and generous people.


Example A: my brother-in-law Eric.

Thank you to all of you gentle men who live an out-loud-respectful life toward others without regard to sex, gender identity, race, religion, or social status.

ken d

Example B: my husband Ken.

Thank you to all of you brave men who believe that laughter is more powerful than cursing and hugs show more strength than fists.

Just look at her - already doing math, counting her fingers. I am practicing my "Deer in Headlights" face.

Example Best: my dear father Paul


Happy Father’s Day to the best of you; the ones of you who are trying your hardest; the ones who will become fathers someday; and to all of us who, by our existence, (will) have made fathers of you.

Peace and Love.




2 responses

15 06 2016

AMEN to what you wrote!!! Again, you said it all!

15 06 2016

Thanks, Teddi.

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