Love Conquers All

4 05 2016

It’s been a rainy few days, gloomy weather and bad news abounding. Many of my friends and family are in a real funk, moods as dreary as the atmosphere.

Thankfully, there are a few critters who are not so inclined. Glad to have a backyard full of reminders that, even in the cloudiest of times, there are silver linings.

I watched beautiful male cardinal visit one of my bird feeders, choose a particularly plump tidbit and carry it to his date, an equally pretty, if not as flashy, female, who sat patiently on the deck rail. He gently fed the seed to her, returned to the feeder and repeated the dance. He must’ve made ten trips. What a gentleman.

This afternoon, things got a little less courtly and more bawdy. The toads who live around our fish pond have been singing themselves hoarse with love songs for a few days. Today, finally, they got themselves a little afternoon delight. Good for them and thanks to them for waiting until today – the neighbor’s nine-year-old was here yesterday, avidly watching the soloists, catching and releasing a few of them. Relieved there was no amphibian sex education on my watch.

toad love 5-4-16 (8)

The bogs and the birds are not depressed by a little rain or a large news story. They are living in the moment, focusing on the good things right in front of them. I think they’re onto something. A nice dinner and some love and affection is a pretty fine idea, don’t you agree? Sing me something sweet.




2 responses

4 05 2016
elaine haag

Paula, what a sweet story and a great photo. We all need a reminder to take the weather in stride and appreciate why we are receiving much needed moisture. I love the froggy and enjoy hearing their songs on the water holes at our home course.

4 05 2016
A ghost from Crippen past.

Mercedes Benz Woman. Forever.

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