Right Means No Regret

20 04 2016

When I saw this meme on social media, I was not sure how to react. I was pretty sure my head wanted to explode for more than just the grammar and punctuation issues, though.


After I got over the misplaced commas, creative capitalization, and whatever those two dots and two exclamation points are, I found my brain muttering, “This is just ass-backwards.” (My brain often speaks in the vernacular of my dear old Midwestern dad.)

I have done a lot of things for people who did not appreciate my effort. Sometimes, it was because what I did was not what they needed. Sometimes, it was because they were ungrateful jerks. A lot of times, my feelings were hurt when there was not commendation for my good deed.

Wait. What?

Doing the “right thing” and expecting a reward for it is, on its face, not a right thing. The reward for doing the right thing is that I am the kind of person I want to be. I am true to my good self.

When I think back on the times I did unrequited favors – and being in my 6th decade, there’ve been plenty of instances – I may feel foolish for having allowed a wrong person to be important to me, but I never EVER regret having done the right thing. What I do regret are the times I was unkind, rude, selfish, spiteful. I regret those times when I missed or denied myself doing the right thing.

The meme is wrong. Please don’t be seduced by it just because it’s in black and white and sans serif font.  Trust me; I am old enough to know better, so I do better. If it’s a meme you want, here’s one from me.

thalia 2

Oh, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNB_RjpWnsI




3 responses

20 04 2016
Sandra Schmitz

Or, as my dad used to say, “bass ackwards”.

20 04 2016

Yep, that’s another great fly-over phrase, Sandra. Love those great 50s and 60s dads!

21 04 2016

Amen, sister. Amen.


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