Narcissism of the Nicest Variety

13 04 2016

How many times have we heard the term “narcissistic” used to describe a political candidate?  I know I’ve lost count.  There is, without question, one contestant who certainly fits the clinical definition. I would, however, as an avid (understatement) gardener, appreciate it if the media would choose another term.  Referring to the Evil Angry Orange as a narcissist is truly an unfair slight to a beautiful plant.  See for yourself.

narcissus backlit 1

Narcissus ‘Thalia’ – she’s looking toward the sun and I am on my belly, shooting close from the north side, about 6:30 p.m.

thalia 7

The angle of the sun through those iridescent petals was pretty special.





3 responses

14 04 2016
Allyson Schaeffer

Perhaps, the “Evil Large Angry” one will meet the
same fate as his mythical, Greek mentor Narcissus, and stare into his reflection in the water fountain
at the Trump tower; and, drown due to pride, and,
vanity!! Then we won’t have to throw that word
around anymore in the world of politics, at lesst for this year! It’s then that we will truly come to recognize and associate the word to that beautiful flower; and not the hubris of The Evil Angry Orange” one. Enjoy the happy “floral view”, Paula!!

14 04 2016

Allyson, I like the way you think.

14 04 2016

SO Lovely and SO very appreciated!! Love your photos and Please keep them coming XO

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