It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

9 03 2016

Daylight Saving Time

You restorer of my faith that winter is not infinite; its days are truly numbered.

You sweet crazy system that makes my husband crankier than hearing a Walking Dead spoiler.

You wonderful magical bringer of more natural light to my natural rhythm of life.

And you’re coming in just a few (still too short to suit my desire for sunshine) days!

For everyone who thinks I am wicked to celebrate their “losing an hour” when we set our clocks forward in the wee hours of Sunday morning, remember that the joy I feel at this time of year will be equaled by my angst come “Fall back” time. It’s all give and take.  The important part is that we remember to be happy – HAPPY – about the moments that are in our favor and, if the moment is not so favorable, remember that it’s only a moment and things will change . . .  here’s to changing the clocks!

Happy DST 2016!




2 responses

9 03 2016
Eric Tonningsen

I my prefer the long twilight skies!

9 03 2016
Carol Johnson


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