Just for Exercise

17 02 2016

Much of my life, and likely yours, is about getting to the finish line, the summit, the end zone.

That’s not all bad. Finite goals give us direction and purpose. They move us forward in important and positive ways – like graduating, paying the rent, cleaning the kitchen – but they’re not all good, either.

Especially not for creativity.

I stayed out of my art studio for months – just shut it down – because when I went in there, I felt like I HAD to make a piece of art. I had to design, create, execute, sign, and hang a damn piece.

Disgusted with my self-imposed too-high-to-jump hurdle inertia, Miss Muse finally spoke up.

“You go to the gym,” she said, “even though you aren’t training for any game or contest and there’s no finish line. You just know that the action of lifting weights is good for you. Art should be no different; the action of doing art is good for you, too.”

Sure, there are times to burst out of the blocks and sprint to the tape, but there are other times when it’s much better to just skip in mad circles. I’m going to turn up the volume and dance with Miss Muse – I hear it’s good exercise.

Work in progress - I did not HAVE to finish it! Yay, me!

Work in progress – I did not HAVE to finish it! Yay, me!




2 responses

18 02 2016
Carol Johnson

Thanks! I needed that!

18 02 2016

Thank you, Carol, for inspiring this one.

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