(Don’t) Help Me, I’ve Fallen

27 01 2016

A few days ago, my eight-five-year old mother called to tell me she was alright, but she had “done something stupid.” She would not have told me at all, but she was developing a shiner and she knew she could not keep it from me, so she had to confess her recklessness.

My mother LOVES the telephone. She is bound and determined to never miss a call. So, when her phone rang, she leapt from her Sunday afternoon nap-during-football, to answer it.  Unfortunately, when she lowered the footrest of her recliner, it caught the blanket she’d had at her feet and, as she put it, she threw herself into the dining room floor!

To appreciate this fully, you must understand that my mom was laughing as she told me the details:

Phone’s ringing.

Wakes with a start.

Feet hit floor.

Right foot refuses to move.

Left foot refuses to move.

Face really wants to answer the phone, so it continues toward the ringing . . . and directly to the floor, where, I kid you not, she bounces.

By now, she’s howling with laughter at her own stupidity. She assessed the damage – glasses not broken, nose still in center of face, carpet free of blood and determined that, all in all, it was a pretty cool fall.  Her outlook on life, which I’ve likened to Monty Python’s Black Knight, led her to the conclusion that it’s pretty badass that she could still take a hit and get right back up and keep going . . . and going . . . and going . . .

I sure hope I can be like Mom. It’s not that she doesn’t fall.; it’s that she doesn’t need a helping hand. She does deserve a standing ovation.



9 responses

27 01 2016
Maggie Little

I love your mom. Mad Millie for the win!

27 01 2016
elaine haag

Oh, how I love and admire your Mom. She is an amazing woman and an inspiration. We all need a Mad Millie in our life & I am blessed to know her. I am so glad she is okay.

28 01 2016

Bouncing is a good thing at any age, but particularly at the age Mad Millie has achieved!!!

28 01 2016

I want to grow up to be just like you and Millie!

28 01 2016

Priceless! xx

28 01 2016
Margaret Fultz

Millie rocks!!

29 01 2016
Wendy Edsall-Kerwin

Your mom is super awesome!

2 02 2016
Nancy Crochet

The world needs more Millie’s. Love her resilience and spirit.

Nancy Crochet Blue and Gold Embroidery


2 02 2016

I agree, Nancy!

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