The State of Our Union is Wait . . What?

13 01 2016

My fellow Americans, I’d apologize for this, but you know me, so read on at your own risk.

Top Ten Things I Learned Watching the 2016 State of the Union Address and Republican Response

10. The two key speakers notwithstanding, politicians are, by and large, not a good looking bunch of people.

9.   Bernie Sanders’s mother should have made him sit up straighter.

8.   Although Marco Rubio’s been absent from the Senate for lots of votes, he sure didn’t miss a national photo op.

7.   That FLOTUS woman sure looked lovely.

6.   The event would be better with an orchestra to “play the speaker off” like they do at awards shows.

5.   I’d love to play poker with Paul Ryan.

4.   Obama gave the best/worst State of the Union Address EVER according to MSNBC/Fox.

3.   Both the President and Governor Haley called for rejecting the hate-filled bigoted rhetoric that is the hallmark of a certain  Republican candidate. Alas, his supporters were all watching re-runs of The Jersey Shore and 19 Kids and Counting (until they run out of fingers and toes).

2.   If you were to combine the blink rates of Nancy Pelosi and Nikki Haley, you’d arrive at something approaching normal.

1.   Regardless of the words he’s saying, President Obama still talks pretty.




3 responses

14 01 2016

Loved it!! You surely do have a way with words, my dear!!!

17 01 2016
Barbara Leonard

LOL! A home run again!

17 01 2016

Glad you liked it, Barbara!

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