Hurry, While Supplies Last!

16 12 2015

Our days are numbered. We all know that we won’t live forever, which is a good thing because it makes us get up off our butts and do stuff. Expiration dates, finish lines, limited time offers –  these are the forces that propel us out of inertia.

Now, having said that, there’s another part to this idea that our time is limited – we don’t know what’s left on our clock. Lots of people live their lives just waiting for the buzzer, not even looking for a shot at the basket. It could be a very long and boring game . . .

I can hear you now (or is it my own voice from years ago):

But it’s too late for me to do (insert fond wish here.)

If only I’d started twenty years/six months/fifteen minutes earlier . . .

I’ve made too many mistakes to get out of (insert self-made mess here.)

How silly.

When I was twenty-eight, floundering around and doing nothing good with my life, my sister suggested that I go back to college (I’d dropped out after a single semester at age 18 to try getting married . . . and divorced . . . and married . . . and divorced . . .). I scoffed, “What could I possibly get out of college at my age?” She leveled me in one word, “Self-respect.”  So, I went to college, got my degree and some self-respect.

When I was fifty-eight, I wished I were able to retire. My sister said, “If you work two more years, how much difference will it make to your finances? How much would two years to do what you please be worth?” I gave my notice and retired.

In the first instance, I thought it was too late. In the second, I was not giving the clock enough respect.  The clock is running, whether I am playing hard or sitting on the sidelines. With a push from my sister, I realized this is my game and I came to play.

Regardless of your age, position, or circumstances, I hope you are playing your game with gusto, tweaking your plan when Fate runs some weird defense, and always heading toward your goal line. Ignore the opponents’ fans and accept the encouragement of your cheerleaders.

You can win.

You don’t even have to hurry.

Just start.



3 responses

17 12 2015

Thank you. xx

17 12 2015
Linda Billet

That was your best ever. The moral of the story? If I ever need advice I should ask Phyllis? The guy working in my bathroom is an old soul. He is about my son’s age but so wise about life. I was telling him that he doesn’t realize how short life is. But yeah, you’re right. That IS a good thing.

18 12 2015

Yes, Linda, I can honestly say that Phyllis is as good as it gets when it comes to getting to the heart of an issue. She’s smart and her moral compass is absolute. What a stroke of fortune to have her as my sister – she does have a mean streak though. 🙂 Here’s to never forgetting that living is an active verb.

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