Whether We Need It or Not

9 12 2015

My friends and I are capable. We do not require help, thank you very much.

We’re capable.



We can stand just fine – sometimes in three-inch heels – on our own two feet.

We are comforted by our ability to handle things on our own. We should not go so far, though, as to refuse someone’s help when it its offered out of kindness.

Who would be so arrogant as to turn down a friendly assist?

Who’s writing this post . . .

Accepting an offer of help does not mean we are feeble. It does not signal the end of our independence. It’s simply an acknowledgement that the load we must carry – even one that is “not that heavy” – can be lightened by our friends.

One of my very capable friends is in the midst of helping her father move into an assisted living apartment. He is fit and fine with the move and she is more than able to handle all the particulars by herself. She is smart enough, though, to know that her husband would like to help, knows how to help, and is ready to help, so she simply said Thank you.


Just because we CAN do it alone does not mean we must, or even should, do it alone. Hasn’t it made you feel good when you’ve been able to help a friend?  Don’t act so strong that you take that pleasure from those who love you.  Let someone do you a favor, especially someone for whom you’d move a mountain. If you don’t ever let people help you, how can they ever imagine that you’d be willing to help them?

Next time someone wants to do something for you, whether it’s hold open a door, buy you a cup of coffee, or help you carry that new television up the stairs – which you can do all by yourself, of course – just say Thank you for your help, whether you need it or not.




3 responses

9 12 2015

Amen to that, Paula! And a happy holiday season to you!!

9 12 2015
elaine haag

You have helped me in so many ways. Thank you, my friend.

10 12 2015

A nice ‘thought for the day’ Thank you. xx

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