A Scary Tale

28 10 2015

Have you ever wondered how traditional fairy tales might translate to modern day? Well, here’s my take on one, just in time for Halloween, the story of Snow White and the Seven Apps.

Once upon a time, not long ago, a brilliant but evil sorcerer named Steve Zuckergates, conjured a Magic Mirror called social media, where all who gazed on it became unable to look away, so strong was their need to be told that they were indeed fair . . . and smart and funny and creative and talented and hot . . .

The Magic Mirror was so important that people carried it with them, wherever they went, and dropped everything to gaze upon it, if it called, which it always did.

One day, a fine and truly lovely princess – we know this because we can read her profile and look at her many selfies – was so drawn into the Mirror, that she fell prey to the evil Zuckergates and succumbed to the “Sleeping Death,” finally eschewing all forms of human contact in favor of the ever present Magic Mirror. She was at the mercy of the Seven Apps: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Yelp.

Now, in most of the fairy tales I grew up with, this is the moment in the story when the evildoer is vanquished by a handsome prince who saves the day. The prince is, in this fairy tale, sadly M.I.A., having fallen victim to the same Poison Apple . . . and that is truly a Scary Tale.

Happy Halloween! Don’t text and treat!





7 responses

28 10 2015

Another home run!!!!

29 10 2015

Thank you!

29 10 2015
Sandra Schmitz

Spot on!

29 10 2015

Thanks, Sandra.

29 10 2015
Carol Johnson

I would love to re-post this on FB. So many mirror toting friends!

29 10 2015

Carol, please do! You can find it on my FB page to share. Here’s that link. https://www.facebook.com/ScorchedEyebrowStudio/?ref=hl. Thanks!

31 10 2015
elaine haag

Ohm, I enjoyed this one, Paula. Not only is it a scary tale, it is also a sad tale because of the loss of real conversations & interaction in our society today.

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