We See What We’re Looking For

8 07 2015

In light of all the “stuff” swirling around us – you know, the marriage equality, confederate flag, Women’s World Cup Soccer team’s  (totally unfair)compensation, etc., blah, oy  – let’s step off this wild ride and see if we can’t clear our vision.

Here’s an example of how we can get it wrong.  Thank you, Purple Clover https://www.facebook.com/purpleclvr:



Let’s try this simple suggestion, made famous by Monty Python – and you may sing if you’re so moved:

Always look on the bright side of life.


Let’s look for the good in our friends, neighbors, family, and ourselves – just for a little while, at least.  Who knows what we might discover when we train our sights on the wonderful things around us.

Everybody whistle!





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