WIFM* – Worst Station Ever!

17 06 2015

When an organization forms around some shared ideals or goals, the members must surely feel a commitment or calling to the group’s stated purpose; otherwise, why join it? If members believe in the mission of their group, then they must surely believe that advancing the cause of the group will benefit them, if not immediately and obviously, then indirectly or somewhere in the future, right?

Why is it then, that some who readily sign up for membership find it so hard to remember that?  Lately, I’ve had more than my fill of WIFM* encounters within an organization to which I belong, so when the talented jewelry artist Holly Ginsberg Gage http://www.hollygage.com/ posed this question on Facebook, it resonated loud and long:

What do you think it means to be part of a community?

Here is my reply:

To really be able to claim you are part of a community, you must be able to put the good of the group ahead of your own personal gain, once in a while. In fact, it becomes your own personal gain when your community is bettered, so it’s a (sometimes future) win-win. Community has to mean more than the sum of its parts.

You might play a wicked clarinet, but without the brass, percussion, and the rest of the woodwind section, that awesome Sousa march won’t be heard.

Without ten other players on his team, the world’s greatest quarterback won’t amount to a thing.

Life is filled with tiny iterations of these obvious scenarios; because they are small does not mean they are insignificant. If you like the music, but can’t play, you can stand and applaud. If you can’t run a 4.2 forty, you can buy a booster card from your local eighth-grade tailback.

There is no doubt that, in our own heads, our lives are all about us; we would feel pretty naked and helpless, though, without our supporting cast, so don’t take them for granted.

Whether it’s a family, a club, a neighborhood, state, or country; strengthening the group(s) to which we belong makes perfect sense, even looking through the WIFM* prism. We just have to look . . . past our own noses.


The “star” of this pyramid is at the top, but only with the assistance of the beautiful bases. My friend Holly Hollenbaugh-freundel’s sweet daughter Chloey’s smile is clear evidence there’s plenty of joy to share!






* What’s in it for me?





2 responses

17 06 2015

Beautiful! As always. This is why I am a Rotary member. It is never WIFM. And it is so spiritually enriching.
Well done again!

18 06 2015

Thank you. Thanks for reading, for commenting, and for walking the talk.

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