(Altered) Reality TV

10 06 2015


There is some seriously great stuff on TV, these days. There are exciting sporting events, inspirational documentaries, superbly written and deftly acted dramas. There are also some pretty good talent competition shows.

And then, there’s TLC . . .

What, do tell, are we to learn from The Learning Channel?

The first thing I’d hope is that we’d learn to change the channel.

Years ago, cruel carnival side shows traded on the misfortunes of people with physical handicaps. They called them freak shows.  We know how awful – how absolutely wrong – it is to exploit other human beings.

Make no mistake, what happens on those shows that purport to show the everyday life of families who are somehow different from us – size, wealth, number of kids, number of wives, blah-blah-blah – is this century’s freak show.

It is exploitation.

Even if the participants are willing to have their foibles and foolishness displayed on 50” screens in millions of households, it is still exploitation. What about the children of these sorry excuses for parents; their privacy will have been completely voided.

It is exploitation.

TLC and its brethren’s constant drumbeat of their “reality” is just dangerous.  I fear that, if we hear it often enough – this steady drone of crazy which is about as real as the bustline of a “Real Housewife” – we  will come to believe it.

Isn’t it more than enough of a drain on the wallet and psyche to try to keep up with our neighbors?  Why would anyone even think of sidling up to that artificial measuring stick of crap that is Keeping up with the Kardashians?

Please don’t support the 21st century freak show promoter called TLC. Don’t give them your dignity, your kindness, you humanity.

If you want to know how the rich and famous live, find an old soap opera to watch.

If you feel the need to be entertained by some crazy family antics, spend some time with your own.






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