Brotherly Like(ness)?

20 05 2015

DISCLAIMER: This is really NOT about politics. Really. Well, not much.

Sometimes, I can’t avoid it; I hear “news” about the 2016 race for the White House.  When I do, it invariably makes my head hurt from shaking it HARD. Sometimes – okay, a lot of times – it’s because some candidate says something stupid.  Other times – okay, a lot of times –  it’s because some (alleged) reporter or expert or pundit says something stupid.  At any rate, ibuprofen seems to be the early winner.

One such “Huh?!” moment occurred when I heard a news panel discussing how Jeb Bush is going to have to “deal with his brother’s legacy.” Let me tell you, a lot of stuff floods my brain when I think of George, the 43’s time in office, but none of it has to do with candidate Jeb Bush. Just like every other candidate, he’ll be auditioning to handle circumstances created by W and all the other previous occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Before you go all political – you might need to re-read the disclaimer – let me get to my real issue:

Does the media have no siblings? I can’t believe every one of them is an only child, but if they had brothers and sisters, they would KNOW that just because you share a set of parents, it does not mean you share anything else!

My sister and I are just a few years apart in age; we shared a room until we graduated from (the same) high school; our parents spoiled us equally; and no one believes we are sisters! She’s all about math and science and political awareness and I am about as shallow as a birdbath.

Just look at her - already doing math, counting her fingers. Meanwhile, I am practicing my "Deer in Headlights" face.

Just look at her – already doing math, counting her fingers. Meanwhile, I am practicing my “Deer in Headlights” face.

I know we are not alone in our totally mismatched personalities. My brother-in-law has two brothers. Aside from all of them being skyscraper tall, they have only two parents and a last name in common. My husband and his brother are half a world apart, geographically and intellectual-stimulus-ly. (Trust me, that’s a perfectly fine word.)

Just because we share DNA does not mean we share tastes, interests, abilities, or ideals.

There will be a lot of factors that determine whether or not Jeb Bush is a good candidate for US President. Out of respect for my sister, whose brilliant mind would snap were she to be judged by my behavior; his brother George won’t be one of them.


p.s.  Although we don’t share everything, we do share a fine sisterly love.  Hopefully, you have siblings who make you smarter and happier like my sister makes me.




2 responses

20 05 2015
Barbara Leonard

The LAST thing in the world you are is “shallow” !!! I love your deep thoughts – keep ’em coming!!!
Don’t forget – I want YOU to do my eulogy!!

21 05 2015

Barbara, thank you so much for this lovely compliment.

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