Time to Vacate the (False) Premises!

6 05 2015

Remember when we were kids and we’d argue opposing unprovable positions? You know what I mean:

Who’d win in a fight – Batman or Captain Kirk?

Which ice cream flavor is better – vanilla or chocolate?

Who’s Mom like best?

We’d yell ourselves hoarse, end up in a fight, get grounded, and not change each other’s mind one iota. What a waste of time and energy. We gained nothing, we learned nothing, and we lost TV privileges for three days.



This very gentle meme appeared on Facebook and quickly, the comments devolved from some polite-to-pointed questions about the generalities of the sentiment expressed to ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! in four posts.

That, my friends, is the debater’s equivalent of “Bewitched had better magic than I Dream of Jeanie!”

I have a very strong opinion about abortion; I doubt there will be any argument that will change my position on it. That said, there are so many other things relative to the sentiment of this meme that we could discuss, argue, consider, and work together for good . . .  if we’d stop screaming “what about abortion?”  to stop any other conversation in its tracks.

What if we decide to be kinder to each other and the planet, in ways that don’t violate our personal ethics, first ? If we can just do that, it will be a huge step in the right direction. Fix what we can agree needs fixing; worry about the rest after that’s done. It’d be a really good start.

Oh, and for the record:

Kirk, vanilla, John, and Bewitched (come on, they had Endora and Uncle Arthur!)



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