The Will to Bloom

18 03 2015

I’ve been a plant-geek, dirt-digging, landscape lover for a long time.  It’s a little bit embarrassing that it’s just now occurred to me to appreciate these lessons from my little yard.  Guess the March winds finally blew (open) my mind.

How hard must the tender first shoots of spring fight to press upward through frozen earth to find the light; to right themselves after one of March’s windy tantrums has battered and beaten them down. What fierce and unquestioning dedication to their task – to grow, to flower, to share their beauty with the world.

It is easy to forget that we carry within us a bounty of potential blossoms – love, compassion, kindness, generosity, laughter.

We are meant to bloom.

Why, then, do we often stunt our own growth?

Are we sure that we are not meant to bloom because we are being discouraged by others (or our own brat of an inner child)?  Check the daffodils who’ve broken the soil surface by several inches this week and who will likely be covered in snow in a few days. They’ll not take the snow as an omen they are not meant to bloom. They will – literally – rise above that hardship and fulfill their glorious destiny.

Are we afraid that if we let ourselves bloom we’ll look like we’re showing off?  Does that rangy ancient lilac, the one that perfumes that corner of the garden to the point of drunkenness, care what its neighbors think?  Does that harlot red peony worry it might be too old to wear carmine petals?

Perhaps, we just feel like we don’t have the energy to bloom.  Plants don’t blossom in a vacuum; they depend on nature – the sun and rain and workings of soil microbes – to help them fulfill their destiny.

Don’t stunt your growth. You have energy you haven’t tapped.  You have beauty to share with the rest of us.

Don’t let unfriendly winds stop you; you can outlast them.

Don’t worry about what others might think; the only fair assessment of you is you.

Don’t think you have to go it alone; cherish friends who feel like sunshine to your soul.

Spring is the time for renewal and growth and hope. Let’s do this!

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18 03 2015
Moser, Pamela


I enjoyed this immensely. I came home from being part of CJs’ new little family to greenery in my front lawn. I left with ice and snow. Came home to green, growing things from the ground. What an example of the circle of life!!! Conception, growth, labor, birth, baby, LIFE. Ice, cold, snow, thaw, growth, bloom, LIFE!

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18 03 2015
Ben Broenen

Hi Paula!

You share some extremely inspirational words. Love it! Ever considered a career as a motivational writer. 😉

I really enjoyed these lines: “We are meant to bloom. You have energy you haven’t tapped. You have beauty to share with the rest of us.”

Every chance I get to harness the powerfully positive energy of wordpress all I have to do is search the tag: “Growth” and BAM! here it is.

I used to work on a vineyard in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. For a year and a half I had the blessing of sharing the sunshine with the vines, nurturing them along the path to producing the most wonderful grapes they could. There was something around budbreak in the Spring where it was like a whole new energy of life surged both in and outside of me. Just from connecting with the plants each an every day.

I’m curious, how are you blooming as of late? How is the approach of Spring influencing your actions and decisions of each day?

Thanks again for sharing your light with the world!


Btw, how do you monetize your blog, if at all? Ever thought of it?

19 03 2015

Ben, I write once a week as an exercise in self-discipline. My personal blogging rules are:
1. Post every Wednesday.
2. Keep it under 500 words.
3. Be funny or/and uplifting – no whining!
I feel the dearth of sunlight, so longer days make me generally more energetic and happier. I try to actively notice these good things, not take them for granted.
I have no desire to monetize my blog; since I retired three years ago, I am committed to NOT doing things for money.

24 03 2015
Ben Broenen

Excellent stuff! The word “Discipline” always reminds me of the Jim Rohn quote:

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Sounds like you choose the pain of discipline! (Although I find that when I follow through it feels less like pain, more like personal fulfillment and self-respect!)

I like your 3rd rule. In junior high I had a sign posted on the back of my door that said: “There’s only 1 rule: No Whining!” I certainly needed that to put me in my place before I got going each day! 😛

My sincerest congratulations on your retirement! Well done.


19 03 2015
Andy Schmitt

eell said dear lady, well said

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