The Nose No’s

4 03 2015

Actual Nose that Knows – Actual Size!

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, one in twelve of us has asthma and more than one in three have nasal allergies. Furthermore, a university study determined that over 30% of Americans find scented products to be irritating – causing sneezing, watering eyes, difficulty breathing, and/or headaches.

Why am I quoting these health statistics?

Because, earlier this week, in the ladies locker room at my gym, I was a victim of an unprovoked cologne attack!


The perpetrator, whose locker happened to be three doors away from mine, blithely and blindly (and blindingly for me and my very angry contact lenses) spritzed herself and everything within a three-foot perimeter of her with a fog of some fragrance that I am sure she found delightful  . . .

It was anything but delightful to me and to a number of other ladies who were choked, nauseated, or just olfactorily violated.

Folks, please respect the personal space of others and make sure you point your smelly toiletries directly at yourselves – and don’t use so much that you leave a fragrance wake.  While the careless slathering, smearing, and spraying of smelly stuff might only be a pain in my ass; it could be a (migraine) pain or asthma attack for others.  For some of us, it’s just a nuisance; for others, it can be a serious health concern.

Respect others’ space, please – including their airspace!




2 responses

5 03 2015
Elaine Haag

I must admit, I may at times be guilty of over spraying….thank you for this reminder and I bet I remember it each time I reach for my favorite perfume.

5 03 2015

Dear Elaine, you are certainly NOT one I’d ever imagine doing such a thing. 🙂 Had there not been other women who’d vocally complained about oversprayers at the Y, just within the last few days, I’d likely not have clambered onto this particular soap box. The direct hit to my eyeballs on Monday sent me over the edge.

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