Before and After(math)

28 01 2015

Today, while I was lifting “old lady” weights at the YMCA, something deflated my enthusiasm for my workout faster than a New England Patriots football.  A woman – a warrior goddess – entered the weight room.

She was amazing . . . Strong . . . Ripped . . . Not a wrinkle in sight . . .

She was also young enough to be my granddaughter.

I slapped myself back to reality.

Yes, this young woman deserved – and got – my respect for what I know was a lot of very hard work and dedication developing and maintaining that race car chassis.

I deserve my respect, too, though, for the effort I put into keeping this old jalopy of a body healthy. I have some dents and rust and my upholstery’s a little bit worn, but I can still get where I need to go.

There is great beauty in youth. It should be celebrated while it lasts. That does not mean there is nothing to celebrate after time and gravity have their way with us, though.


I miss my younger body, the one with fewer aches and age spots; but my sixty-one-year-old body, wrinkles and age spots and cellulite and all, is still a wonderful place to live. It has given me a child. It still sings and dances. It makes art. It hugs friends.

It eats too much ice cream, but, everyone’s got a vice or two.

So happy I was with myself after sticking it out and finishing my workout, in spite of Warrior Goddess,  I – in a very that’s not how girls behave way – paraded into the ladies locker room shower, towel-less and proud (not to mention flabby), smiling smugly at young women whose physiques have caused me serious bouts of envy, filled with joy at the knowledge that they knew THIS was to be their fate in thirty years.


1-28-15 2

I am the Ghost of Warrior Goddess Future.




5 responses

28 01 2015

well done…. of course,guys always complain about the old dudes that prance around the shower w/o a towel….
somehow I think you look better than they… 🙂

28 01 2015

Love that vote of confidence, Andy. Thanks!

28 01 2015
Maggie Little

Maiden, Mother, Crone. I plan on rocking the Crone.

7 02 2015
Wendy Edsall-Kerwin

You totally crack me up Paula Lewis!

11 02 2015

Glad to hear it, Wendy.

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