She Started It!

7 01 2015

Remember that refrain from when we were kids?  It was a go-to weapon in the childhood arsenal; we all used it whenever there was a squabble with a sibling or playmate.  We learned early that one way to avoid unpleasant circumstances was to blame someone else.


Useful? Yes.

Good? No.

When we look to blame others for our misery or mistakes, we are surrendering.  If we can escape accountability by casting it onto others, we are, in the very same motion, handing over control of our lives to them.  If it’s their fault when bad things happen, it must follow that, when good things happen, it is to their credit.

Doesn’t that thought just suck?

I believe we should flip that around and grab the reins; be the one who “started it!” Just start something good.  It doesn’t have to be momentous, monumental, or monstrously motivational.  It just has to be something good – like being nice to people, even those who are not nice in return.

Just be nice.

Be nice, on purpose.

I can do it and so can you.

Remember that, next time someone points at you and says “She started it!” Because you are nice, you can just smile and say, “Yes, I did!”




4 responses

7 01 2015

Beautifully perceptive, Paula.
Great reminder!
Love from Maria xo xo xo xo

7 01 2015

Dear Maria, you are one to emulate. Your kind heart is golden.

8 01 2015

ACCOUNTABILITY! I love it. Just remember, you started it.

8 01 2015

Thank you, George.

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