The Truth Shall Set Me Free

31 12 2014

Here is my one and only New Year’s Resolution:

I will trust my own ability to ascertain reality.

I remember when there was a wide and well-understood difference between the News – what we got from the Times, Walter Cronkite, the Huntley-Brinkley Report – and the fiction published in the National Enquirer and its ilk.  Now that we’re able to get information via a multitude of media transmitting 24/7 infotainment-as-news, instead of becoming more savvy citizens, we grow more gullible by the minute.

We seem to be driven to believe in the most fantastic and worst parts of fairy tales – the magic beans and wicked witches, the glass slipper and the evil plots. Most of life happens pretty near the center. Great tragic events and strokes of brilliant fortune are uncommon occurrences for the vast majority of us; so how is it that, as full-grown adults, we can so easily be drawn into viewing the world as one big Disney plot, especially when it is so misery-inducing?

Reality does not bite.

Reality, I promise, is almost always better than the CNN-Fox-MSNBC spin on it. I intend to keep my eyes open in 2015 to appreciate all that is going absolutely right in the world.  There is nothing about being realistic that requires me to ignore everything great.


Oh, and just to help keep us from reaching for our tinfoil hats, here’s a helpful little guide, courtesy of ON[THE MEDIA]




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