Do You Feel What I Feel?

24 12 2014

Christmas Eve.

If you’re feeling merry and filled with good will to all, I’m glad; if, however, you are less than overcome with the spirit of the season, that’s okay, too.

How we feel is how we feel – there’s no right or wrong to it.

The holidays are, for many of us, like cruel calendar jokes in which we are the punch lines.  Whether it’s because of a broken heart, an illness, it’s just the way you are, or any other reason (or no reason at all); this barrage of festivity that occurs every December can be pretty hard to handle with grace and calm. Besides our own internal wonderings about why we can’t get into the holiday spirit, our friends and families add to our stress by trying their best to make us feel what they feel. What we end up feeling is guilty and they feel frustrated.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I mean it when I say Merry Christmas.  I truly wish you Happy New Year.

I mean it, not just in the last two weeks of the year.  I mean it every day.  It used to concern me – my apparent lack of Christmas spirit.  Now, I realize that it’s not really a bad thing at all; I needn’t wait for the calendar to give me a reason to be joyful, to sing, to be generous, to wear sparkly things or to give and receive gifts.

I propose a compromise between our fine family and friends who LOVE all the hall-decking, carol-singing, gift-wrapping hullabaloo of the Christmas season and those of us who – for lack of a better way to describe it – fail to feel the magic:

If you, the Christmas-spirited, will trust that we do not begrudge you your joy and will allow us – without recrimination or guilt – to decline this party invitation, even if you can’t imagine why anyone would pass on reindeer games; we promise to be filled with gladness and to share comfort and joy with all of you WHENEVER WE FEEL IT  . . .

even if it does not coincide with a Hallmark-approved date.

Peace on Earth.

Merry Every Day!


Merry Pigmas!

Merry Pigmas!




2 responses

24 12 2014
Eric Tonningsen

Indeed, it is important to embrace our feelings, regardless of whether they are aligned with a season or what others believe one ought to be feeling. Wishing you a warm and peaceful holiday season!

24 12 2014

Thank you, Eric.

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