What Are You Afraid Of?

29 10 2014

It’s like we’re all holding onto an electric fence . . . I’ve just let go.

These words were spoken to me by a very young – but very wise – man, describing his family’s behavior during a time of real crisis. While there was no denying the horrible situation that had taken them off the tracks, the response to it only made things worse. Sound familiar?  If it doesn’t, you’ve lived a charmed life.

Let’s face it: we’re hardwired to form habits. When fate steps in and disrupts our plans, we fight to re-establish routines.

Sometimes, especially when the thing that has interrupted us is enormously frightening or painful, we rush into counterproductive behavior patterns – just for the sake of pattern. We don’t have to think. We don’t have to decide. We don’t have to really feel. We just slog along, following the ruts in the road, because it is “easier” than building a different path. We do things, not because they are helpful to getting us through whatever “it” is; we do them because they seem to be the easiest to do.

While it might seem easy, the new “normal” we hastily accept usually isn’t. Although it is easier to make right turns than lefts, continuing along that path is assuredly a vicious circle.  We run out of time and energy and we are left – with our ugly little baggage – on the side of an unpleasant little road, instead of taking a new route and leaving “it” in the dust.

I am afraid of change – lots of us are. Fate does not care what we like or don’t like.  Fear of change does not mean inability to reckon with it.   Things will get in our way. Plans will fall through. Loved ones will leave us. We cannot avoid change.  We can only decide how to respond to it.  It takes courage to let go, but there is no healing in holding on to pain.

Let go of it and embrace life’s goodness; hug your friends.


p.s.  In addition to change, lots of us are afraid of bugs. Happy Halloween from Simon Spiderpig and Ladypig Newton.

halloween spiderpig a halloween bugnewt a



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29 10 2014
The Haags

I love their costumes! Happy Halloween and have fun handing out the treats.

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